Michele – Psychic/Medium

Hi, I am a Natural born Psychic Medium with over 25 years experience.
I am highly respected within the Industry, and I pride myself on giving my clients the best service available, while abiding by All Codes of Ethics.
I am also an Intuitive Reader, intuitive Healer, wellness councillor, and Animal/pet, Psychic/communicator.
I can also do tarot, angel cards, pendulum, and crystal readings upon request.

I was born in Melbourne Victoria, Australia and I still live there today.
My psychic abilities surfaced as a very young child, and as I continue to nurture and protect my gift, I use it for the soul purpose of helping others.
I grew up on a small hobby farm, and animals have always been a very big part of my life.
I have a large menagerie of animals, and some of these are rescues.
I am dedicated to Animal rights, and I also give monthly donations to Animals Australia, see my home page for details.
There is nothing that can compare to real life experience, when it comes to guiding and helping others.
I am extremely knowledgeable in many areas of life, having lived a very colourful and diverse life myself.

With the guidance from your Angels, and the Universal messages, I will give you the answers needed to make the right choices, ultimately guiding you forward, to a Happier and Brighter Future.