My mum came across Michele and recommend I email her as I was in a time where I was going through a break up. I can honestly say, Michele is my guardian angel. Everything she has told me is always genuine and makes me feel this beautiful peace inside. I always look forward to Michele’s guidance! I have recommend her to a few satisfied friends now and will continue to do so:) thank you!!

I am so grateful

I can say with genuine confidence and certainty that Michele is a gifted clairvoyant that is not only first class but in fact world class. The reading contained very specific detail delivered with confidence. Her attention to detail was amazing; she communicated specific aspects of the reading accurately with a calm articulate demeanor. It is with this expressed acknowledgment in mind that I recommend her and her clairvoyant abilities in the highest regard.

A grateful Client

Michele is a lovely kind hearted lady! She has helped me through so much over the past year and a half! Without Her guidance I would have been very lost! Please call Michele and the other angels if you have life questions or need guidance I promise you will not be disappointed! Xx

Satisfied Customer

Thank you Tory! I felt so at ease with you on the phone, immediately! You didn’t even need me to say anything, because you just knew immediately. I am feeling more at peace now after talking with you. Better than i have felt in a long time. You have given me the inspiration i needed and the confidence to make things happen. I will be talking with you again, and thank you.

Very Happy Client

I have known Michele for many years and she has always been helpful and empathetic to what’s going on in my life. She has heard me angry, sad, frantic as well as happy through all of life?s ups and downs. She always has a calm persona, has a great sense of humour, and is always willing to help. I have found Michele to be “spot on” in the area of financial issues and in other areas, the most accurate compared to other psychics. If you wish to speak with a lady who has dignity and respect for you and your needs, I would recommend Michele in a heartbeat.

Ernie Rohrbacher
client for over 5 years

I have been talking with Michele for many years now . Apart from her amazing psychic abilities she is the most geniune and caring person i have ever spoken to . She definately has become a close friend while helping me through some very distressing and painful times in my life . I honestly dont know what i would have done without her and even though she has helped me to get to a much better place in my life right now i still feel i need to speak with her every now and then just to get that reassurance that i am heading in the right direction in my life . cheers Steve

happy client

I have been getting email readings off Michele for over a year & everything she has said has become true she is amazing so she is my go to angel when I need to know what to do , she is also a very lovely person I can tell the way she writes her readings highly recommended always.

Thankful customer

For one-line question Michele answered me in few paragraphs, all clearly cut, not just vague scenarios. The answer message is enlightening and uplifting, and it resonates with what deeply I feel inside. It brought me back the faith in angel readings, so long been left out wrong. I will come back any time been on life crossroads for light direction.

Amazed customer

I bumped into this website, looking for comfort, guidance from the Angels and spoke to Tory. Best thing that happened to me . She felt instantly that I was going through a rough time. She was spot on the events of my life at the moment and confirmed. I had mixed emotions , feelings and was confused. Her guidance with the help of the angels cleared my doubts and gave me confidence to tackle circumstances positively moving forward. I definitely will call again. Thank you. Love and Light.

Very satisfied first time customer

I have been speaking with Michele for a couple of years now. My readings are always spot on and she is the lovliest lady. If it wasnt for Michele i would have struggled to get through the last couple of years of my life. The support she has given me has directed me into happier, more successful times. I am very very grateful to have picked up the phone the first time i called and gained such a wonderful and truly caring friend! Thank you for all of your kind support and kind words! Amanda xx

Client of 3 Years

I spoke to Tory in the wee hours of the night to gain clarification and truth to a troubling situation. This was my first phone reading and i can express with a smile and relief that Tory was spot on the mark and provided me with genuine insight. She knew things that no one else could and was very gracious. great energy and honest the entire reading. I will say with confidence that Tory is the real deal. She is blessed with a gift and I left the conversation with inner piece. Thanks again Tory 🙂

Thanks Tory!